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Women in Customer Success (WiCS) is your go-to platform for connecting, inspiring and showcasing women in the Customer Success industry.

We're on a mission to empower women to thrive in their careers through networking, mentorship, sharing inspiring experiences and enablement.

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    Women in Customer Success Power Up

    What you'll get with the PowerUp access:

    A global network of Customer Success professionals in tech - so you can stay up to date with industry trends and best practice examples from key experts

    Dedicated training and masterclasses to increase your business acumen and become more commercially minded in your practice - so you can increase revenue, reputation and customer outcomes

    Peer mentoring programmes to develop your leadership skills - so you you can become more ‘known’ in your company - and your industry - and build powerful connections that will open doors for you (now and in the future)

    PowerUp Connect so you can always have an access to your sounding board, get advice, share resources and collaborate.

    Speaking and thought leadership collaboration opportunities so you can become more visible in your company/industry - attract promotions, stimulating career opportunities and impact more people through.

    Monthly themes so you can get content inspiration, focused Connect sessions and get online engagement